Friday, February 18, 2005

BD"E--NOT A PERSON, Baseball

(Yeah I was going to post this last night, butthen blogger was a @%#&!! and had to be retarded and didn't work...) So it's official, the NHL 2004 - 2005 season is officially Xed. So stupid. And as Ed said, I'm probably the only one who noticed too. Which is sad, because hockey is a great game. Although people wouldn't know that people society today likes to so offense, and mad crazy scoring--12-11 baseball games, 7-6 hockey games, 50-45 football games, vechulei (etc.). Don't get me wrong, they're cool to watch, but the real true fan appreciates the 1-0 pitcher's duals; the pitcher "painting the black" as they say, meaning that he is so in control of where he wants to throw, that he could even hit mamash the smallest corner of the plate, and still get the strike call (called "paint the black" for the black rubber surrounding the white part of the plate). The real true fan appreciates the great "D" in all sports, the great goaltending in hockey, great run-defense in football, and great zone in basketball. As we saw in 2001 (when Tampa Bay won--2001, right...?), D (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), great pitching (Arizona Diamond Backs), and great goaltending (New Jersey Devils--not in '01, but in '95, '00, & '03. Hehe..) wins you The Ship.
And of course, cannot forget about the 2004 Baseball season to start. Pitchers and catchers, the greatest news I've heard in a long time. BHYY for baseball. I'm excited for this season. The Mets, with Carlos Beltran, and Pedro Martinez, if everyone is healthy, could probably break .500 this season. And dare I say, (Yes, dare! Dare!) playoffs? Yes, yes I dare say it, the Mets might make the playoffs this year if everyone is healthy. Hey, Texas almost did it last year, and they were bad the year before that, so nothing's impossible. And of course, the Red Sox won the WS...


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