Sunday, February 20, 2005

Dan L'kaf Zechus

You know, it bothers me a lot that people don't judge people favorably--dan l'kaf zechus. No, nothing happened to me now, but in general. Rabbi Yehoshu'a Eliovson, who was visiting his parents in Fairfield for Shabbos, told us a story that R' Shlomo Carlebach was once in Eretz Yisrael, and heard about two girls, who, chaval me'od, were selling themselves as prostitutes. He and his shamash found them, and talked to them. It was getting late, and R' Carlebach said to come to his room at the hotel. So they walked, and the shamash took a cab. When they go to the hotel, everyone was saying, dude, disgusting, Shlomo Carlebach is taking two girls to his room. Well, what people don't know is that R' Carlebach, his shamash, and the two girls, were talking all night, and the next day, R' Carlebach and his shamash checked these two girls into Neve. Chas v'shalom, people should think R' Carlebach is doing a good thing...
My rebbe told me that one time, a rav was giving a shmooze in YU's Beis, and he compared something to Judaism, and chavalei chavalim (can I say that...?) he forgot to say "lehavdil--to seperate" (when we compare something from Torah to something not from Torah, it's customary to say this word, so show that it is not Torah. Ex. The story of the four kings beating the five kings is like in hockey when you score shorthanded, lehavdil), and there was an uproar, so I hear, "OMG he didn't say lehavdil! OMG! He must not be Jewish!" Ch"v. No, obviously they didn't go to such as extreme as saying he's not Jewish, but you get my drift. He forgot, so shut up. Sometimes, people are just soo stupid (not us, of course, it's always them).
Now time to watch M*A*S*H! WEEEE!!!


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