Friday, February 11, 2005

Chinese Auctions Baby!!

So tonight we had a special mishmar--Chinese baby, WOO!! We had our Chinese Auction finally for our learning we did during Bein HaSemesterim. So I didn't win what I wanted to, namely, $50 to the SOY Sfarim Sale, but, I did win the Pre-Purim Shmooze. I get to give a Pre-Purim shmooze...obviously...I asked rebbe if it had to be serious, or could be shtick-full, and he said, "it's Pre-Purim, do with it what you will." OOOOKKKK then. I don't do the whole public speaking thing so well, so I might give it to Buch. I love Buch, he's so funny. Rebbe once caught him giving a moch Mesilas Yesharim shiur. So maybe. But then again, it might be good practice. And I'm not that good with shtick...Whatever, we'll see.


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