Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Shiur Basketball

So today, the last day of the z'man (loosely translated as semester), we had some shiur basketball. So we had 4 teams, and played a round robin. My team lost to Buch's team (he's like, 6'4", 6'5" and he's really good. He was on the team this year) the first game 11-3. We didn't have chemistry. Second game, we played Koenigsberg's team (he was also on the team this year, and in the beginning of the year, started), and lost that one like, 11-8. We were getting better, better teamwork and chemistry, like, starting to know where each other would be. I was playing better. I had a few points (we played by 1's), and I stole the ball from Rebbe. Yeah, i was told to take rebbe...dude, he plays rough. He was tripping me, put his leg out, dude. He's tough. And strong. He's small, but strong. I went to the ground I think twice because of him (maybe once, but I don't remember). But I stole the ball from him, I got some rebounds. It was fun. Then the next game, was vs. Ben Tzion's team. Now Ben Tzion...*whistle* he's awesome, he's sooo good. When he was in 9th grade (he's in 11th now, and my 12th gr shiur....exactly), he was on the JV team, and I remember a game vs. Westchester, he came in, and TOTALLY schooled them, he's amazing. But then in 10th grade he got even shtarker, and wanted to learn more, so he wasn't on the team. So now he's playing ball again. So that game they took the lead 3-1, but we were coming back. It was a hard fought game. I had like, 2 or 3 steals (maybe 4), another 1 or 2 from Rebbe, and I TOTALLY stuffed Rebbe, it was AWESOME. I had a smile creeping on my face, so to stop it I just bit my lip. It was great. It was 8-8, then 8-9 them, 9-9, 10-9 them, 10-10, 11-10 them, 11-11, 12-11 them, 12-12, 13-12 us, then, we got game at 14-12, on Uri's shot. One of our last possessions, I stole the ball from under our basket, and we scored. I scored more points, had more rebounds, and more steals then last game. I think I was pretty good. It was TONS of fun. AND, I stuffed Rebbe :-D After the game, he's like "Mr. Schwarzmer, you're a very good defenseman, you're sly, and tough." I was just like, Nah, Rebbe, but thanks.

Yeah shiur basketball!



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