Friday, April 22, 2005

3 Day Yontiff (Ok Fine, "Yomtov...")

Aight, I'll be at abba's house for both of the sedarim. Well, with him at least, for the first one we were invited to the Rabbi's house. That should be fun.
So you know what's annoying? So in Yahoo Public 240019, some idiot dropped Scott Podsednik, which is awesome for me, because I have #1 waiver priority, so since I put in a claim for him, I will get him. But, since he's a waiver, you have to wait 2 days, which ends tomorrow. That means I get him officially on my team in time for Sunday's games. But when you get someone on your team like that, they get put straight to your bench. So I will have him on my bench for Sunday and Monday, and all stats he gets for me with be nothing. Argh.
You know, I actually like 3 day yamim tovim. Most people are like, AH! NO! No tv, computer, other stuff, AH! But I'm like, dude, chill. I know I can't go on the computer, but still, I love yomtov, you know? I can deal without those for 3 days. And I love them, you know that. You know how much I'm online all the time, but yet, I can deal with it.
Aight, I'm bustin' outta here. I hope y'all have an amazing amazing yomtov, and chag kasheir vesamei'ach.


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