Thursday, October 12, 2006

6 St Louis Family Members Injured

I got this email from Peggy this morning:

Dear Family & Friends,

Here is the latest update from my niece, Suri:

My very close friend's family was in a terrible car accident on the way home from a Chol Hamoed trip. Her father, 2 sisters and 3 brothers were in the car and ended up going to 4 different hospitals. Two of them had to be air-lifted. One brother is in surgery through the night another had breathing difficulties. One of her sisters is in the ICU with bruising to her brain, a fractured jaw, and a broken leg. We heard that their van turned over six times while they were inside it.

While some are in more critical condition than others, all of them desperately need your tefillos. Please, take at least a minute to say some tehillim for:
Most critical - Dovid ben Bracha
Tehilla bas Bracha
Elisha ben Bracha
Aviva Rochel bas Bracha
Eliyahu Chaim ben Bracha
Elazar Yitzchok ben Zlata Faiga

May they all have a refuah shelaimah and may we all be zoche to share only simchos together.

Thank you,

Tehilla is my cousin Rivka's best friend.

Please daven.

Thank you.


Blogger Stairmompeg said...

Dearest Tonny, Thank you so much for posting their names on your blog. They need all the tefillos they can get. B"H, one of the boys regained consciousness and the oldest girl was stable enough to have leg surgery (she's still unconscious, but I think the doctors are keeping her that way on purpose, due to fluid in her brain).

This family is especially known for their chessed. Through Aish HaTorah, and their own middos, the number of yiddin they have taught about Torah values, B"H, is too high to count. The kiruv they do is amazing! Their home is always open to anyone who wants to become closer to Hashem and to learn more about being Jewish.

There is no community I've ever seen that has the chessed that the St. Louis community shows. B"H, whatever can possibly be humanly done, to comfort and support the family--stay overnights with each child, prepare food, hold Tehillim groups, get the top doctors...everything, is being done, before anyone even had to be asked. Adults, teenagers, and young children are all pulling together for this family. Even my littlest niece, k'neina hara, a precious seven year old, told me this morning that she davened with this family in mind and she said extra Tehillim for them.

As Suri reminded me, tomorrow is Hoshana Rabba, when all gezeiros can still be changed.

May Hashem take all the tears that are cried for these children, and use them to create a refuah for them all. And may all of us be zoche to have a year of health and shalom and gratitude.
With love,

Thu Oct 12, 11:02:00 PM 2006  

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