Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lag BaOmer

Yesterday most of the yeshiva decided to go to Meiron for Lag BaOmer. If you didn't want to, you didn't have to go, but it was an option. I, along with Roth, Max, Eitan and Noam stayed in yeshiva. Hey, someone's gotta keep an eye on the yeshiva you know? But really, some guys ended up paying around 150 shekels to for the entire trip. I didn't want to be totally tired the entire day (they got back at 4 am. And quite truthfully, I cared more about the softball game we had then going to Meiron), and there are just too many Jews. The kever so I hear is very small, about 10ft x 10 ft (maybe smaller...?) and they pack about 400 Jews in there, mostly chassidim who, for some reason, have this thing of pushing (I see it all the time) everyone out of there way so they can do their thing. You try to say your tehillim, but you're being pushed this way, that way, and before you know it, somehow you're crowd surfing. How am I supposed to get inspired have [more] kavanah [than usual] (which is really why we daven at kivrei tzaddikim in the first place) in such an environment? If I really want to go, I could go next year, or after that, and I can maybe even try to get it free.
So instead, I stayed here. We didn't have shiur, but I went over shechita (I tried to take one of the tests today, but the site wasn't working). Ma'ariv I davened at R' David's shul, and across the street on the dirt hill behind the apartment buildings, theer were about 5 or 6 different fires. R' Lipman had one, R' Lichtman was part of a big one, it was fun. R' David came to speak before some of the kids made a siyyum on some mishnayyos. I bounced--I couldn't stand anymore, my ankle was hurting a trifle.

(If you don't like/care for sports, you might as well stop reading now.)

Today though, the yeshiva played softbal. It was shana aleph guys vs rebbeim (Rabbi's Lipman (and his son Shlomo, and his friend Ikey) and Lichtman), shana bet (Avi), madrichim (Noam and Daniel), and administrator (Dan). And then since they only had 8, David went to their team. I played first base, and batted 2nd. I didn't get that much action besides a few groundballs. In the 9th Shlomo hit a low, soft liner up toward the middle of the infield and I went to catch it, but I missed it and it hit my shoe. I'm not sure what happened there. Anyway, before the game I was IMing R Lipman and before I signed off, I said to him, "I can't wait to hit 5 homers off you." Well, that didn'y happen fully, but I did hit one, Thank God. Before me Yoni got out (he made the play of the game: he was playing 3rd, and a liner was hit to his left, and he just layed out (he dove who don't know the vernacular) and caught it. It was just so beautiful), and then I was up. I we didn't have called balls and strikes, but I think I might have had 2 strikes on me, I don't even remember. R Lipman was trying to trick me, curveballs, changeups, but I wouldn't budge. Finally I got my pitch. I was batting righty (I don't know why, right field was kinda like Pesky's Pole at Fenway--very short, and then juts out, but not so far out, so it was like the short porch at right field in Yankee Stadium) and Rabbi L threw a pitch down and away, and I just went with it and smoked it to the opposite field, right center (though more towards center than right). I just followed through and BAM linedrive to the gap, and eventually I scored and had a hr (thanks Bracha!). If we want to get really technical here, it was a double with a 2-base error, but seriously, who counts errors in softball??
I ended up 2/4, a hr, 2 runs, 3 RBIs (my next at-bat I had a 2-RBI single, and my next 2 ab's I got out, 6-3 groundout and pop up to Rabbi L). And my ankle didn't hurt so much. I slipped rounding 3rd once (the field was going downhill...), and I felt something in my knee also, but that went away and it's all good.

I love baseball (and yes, softball and baseball ARE the same thing).


Blogger Rik said...

i'm proud to say i completely skipped over the softball part.
but i totally aggree with the meiron thing. i didn't go last year, i cut off all my hair instead, which in my opinion was waaaay more fun.

Wed May 17, 08:00:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Bracha said...

I'm proud to say I read through the softball section.
Well for one reason.
And it was there.
Go Tonny!

Wed May 17, 09:54:00 PM 2006  

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