Monday, July 10, 2006

Boston July 2 - 6

I was in Boston last week, Sunday until Thursday. It was awesome, so fun. First I went to Sharon to see my step-sister Ariel and her 4 month old son Aaron Daniel, my step-nephew. He is quite quite the cuteness. Then we went to Brookline to Rami's, and I had my first shwarma since June 5 on the corner of King George and Agrippas (that was some good shwarma--15 shekel too!). Rami's shwarma itself was pretty good, but they don't have laffa's, so that put a damper on it, but still, it wasn't bad. Then I went to Joey's where I stayed the whole week (thanks Joey). Just chilled, we were both really tired--me because I'm me, and him because he was jetlagged. We saw Noam though, he came over to Joey's which was cool because he left on the 4th.
Monday morning we went to 8:00 shachris(!!) and had breakfast at the kosher Dunkin' Donuts right across the street; and did so the entire week. That was nice, not waking up tli 740, then Dunkin' Donuts...AH! Can't get any better. In the afternoon I went to Shifra's house, then went to her soccer game with her, and then went to pizza with Hinda and Devorah. Tuesday I went to fireworks with Joey on top of one of his friends apartment buildings. I must say, that was a nice view of the city. Wednesday I was at the NCSY office with Devorah, helping her with stuff here and there, chillin' with her; that was fun. Rebbetzin Miller came around with her new daughter who is very cute. Then Wednesday night I went to pizza with Abby, Shifra and Hinda and then we went to the dollar store and Target. Lots of fun there, let me tell you. Shopping with 3 girls...but I got a new hat at Target: it's a fitted baseball hat, black, and on the front is the Batman logo on the metal thing (kinda what you'd find on a belt, except, it's on my hat), it's really cool. Thursday I chilled with R' Kahn and his family (and his sister's family and his mom) in the city. First we had lunch at Milk St., and then we went on the Swan Boats, and then they just played in the park for a trifle. It was lots of fun. And his kids are sooo cute! And then I went to Brandeis and went home with Chaya Aviva. Or Karen. Whichever you prefer.

Interesting, right...? *eyes darting left and right suspiciously...*


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Admit it,you loved you're shopping excursion...

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