Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Long Time No Update

I know I haven't really updated in a while, but I don't have time at yeshiva for any big updates anymore. We only have internet now during lunch for 2 hours, and that's it. But really there hasn't been much going on. Yeshiva, learning, almost in the army, that stuff. A few shabbosim ago, I went to the Solomonts, then to Tuvia's yeshiva, next one to Tzfas, then UYO was this past shabbos. My birthday was on Friday; thank you all for all the birthday wishes. At UYO, I had seen all the food for shabbos, but not the birthday cake that Adina had the idea to get, and that Sarah Beth actually bought. Thank you Sarah Beth. And Adina. Thank you both.

I just can't wait for baseball. Let's go Mets. It's going to be the first year in 5 years that I will not be in a fantasy league. Gonna be kinda busy. ...sigh...

Anyway, laila tov everybody. I wonder if I still have readers...

Schimmelism Of The Week LXXIII

Me: I think I might speak Hebrew better than you.
Tzivia: No, I know Hebrew, but not dikduk.
Me: I don't get how one can know Hebrew, but not dikduk. "Hey, I can speak Hebrew...but I can't speak Hebrew..."

Friday, February 16, 2007

Schimmelism Of The Week LXXII

Since Mordy came back last week, here's a tribute to Mordy, 2 from him this week:

Mordy: It's kind of a bizzayon to have the baseball book on top of the gemara.
Tonny: To the baseball book or he gemara...?
Mordy: No comment...

Tonny: Weren't you supposed to sit next to Yoni?
Mordy: Yeah, but like, it's infested with ants. Like, they're crawling all over the wall. They'd be there, "Hey buddy, I'm trying to learn gemara here..."

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Schimmelism Of The Week LXXI

Roth: Rabbi, do you hold of liberal people?
The Chov: Yeah, I hold them under water...