Thursday, March 31, 2005


...isn't working!! >:-(

YU Sarachek Basketball Tournament

...starts tomorrow!! WEEEE!!! I'm so excited!! I love Sarachek!! 20 schools from around the country come to YU and play basketball. Ramaz (booo!) is #1 seed, and MTA is #2, so they have bye's tomorrow. Those first games are Fri morning, and could be heard somewhere on All games could be heard there. Games start at 8 am tomorrow. A lot of MTA guys ditch class to go. Maimo's going to be there, and if MTA and Maimo go at it, MTA will kick their...yeah, we know. Or, as we like to cheer, "Ra ra ree! Kick them in the knee! Ra ra rass, kick them in the...other knee!" Yeah, that's what we'll do to them. Shifra says, "dude, we score 70 points a game, vs. public schools!" And I say, uh, dude, we have the best D in the league. We play the 3-2, and our 2 guys on the bottom are 6'5" and 6'3". Yeah, that's what I thought Shifra...So iyH, it will be MTA vs either Ramaz or Kansas in the Sarachek Championship game on Monday. Ramaz because we have to kill them, and Kansas, because they beat us last year in the Championship game. And Claster, one of the 3 guys with the cornrows, is back, because he is in my grade. I thought he was a senior last year. Oh well...

M!T!A! M!T!A! M!T!A!
Here we go Lions, here we go!! Here we go Lions, here we go!!
Ram it up Ramaz! Ram it up Ramaz!

I didn't say that...

OK, for real now, laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!


Fantasy Updates...

I said I would, so here it is. In Rabbi's League (capital 'L,' because it is The League), I have two SS's, Mike Young and Edgar Renteria, so I traded Renteria for Lew Ford on Minn. I know, not such a good trade. I need steals, and Ford has sorta, eh, I could have done better. Didn't really do anything for me. Oh well.
I also proposed two trades, one is P Lo Duca and Troy Percival for JD Drew. He needs catchers and closers, I need a big bopper in the OF, so maybe he'll bite. The second proposal is J Varitek and K Brown for John Thomson on Atl. I don't like Brown, I don't trust him, and he also needs a catcher, so maybe he'll trust Brown--like Torre does--and he'll bite. We'll see.
In Yahoo Public League 240019, I have Shawn Green as my 1b, not something I want. So I proposed Shawn Green and Jason Kendall (catcher) for Travis Hafner on CLE (giving him hafner so HE has a 1b after trading Hafner). He needs a catcher BADLY, so BH he gave me Hafner. Hafner is one STUD player if you ask me. Then I proposed another trade (actually a few days ago, before the Hafner trade), Varitek and C Biggio for JD Drew. I like this Drew guy. I don't like Biggio this year, even though he is going back to 2b, one can put him in the OF or 2b, I have a 2b (Kent), and he needs a catcher (what a surprise...all of my teams have extra catchers for trade bait, so I look for the teams who need, and get what they have. Smart, eh?).
In League 250147 (the one with Vic Martinez and I-Rod both), so I traded Vic Martinez and Lawton for Drew (I like Drew. Can you tell?). So now I'm trying to trade I-Rod for someone, preferably a 1b, because Piazza is my 1b. I hope he'll go back to his usual self, but you just don't know, so I proposed I-Rod and E Durazo for Mike Teixeira from TEX. He's also, quite quite a STUD. He's awesome. My 2nd proposal is I-Rod and Jack Wilson (SS) for Mike Young (SS). Even though I need a 1b, I like Young, so I'll take him. Although, to make sure I get Teixeira before the Young trade gets acccepted, I should probably X the Young trade. Eh, whatever, it's a "fake" league anyway (being that Rabbi's League is the real one).
And in League 254571, I have no trade proposals, but I picked up D Wright from the Mets. Even though I have Beltre at 3rd already, first, I like Wright and he'll iyH be awesome this year. And 2nd, he's good trade bait to people who don't have a good 3b.

Aight, that's all the fantasy for now. Now it's the real world and sleepy time...Yeah right, I'm probably not going to bed for like, a long time. Come on, I'm in the MTA dorm, what do you expect??

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!


I Wonder....

There's powder all over the floor in the hall of my dorm, in front of everyone's door, but mine, and I know I didn't do it. Hmmmm....

Mamash Yafeh!

It's soooo nice outside!! And BH, I played catch today for the first time since like, last year!! WOOOO!!! It was awesome. Sooo fun. AND I made some nice catches, of course. Ya shoulda been there.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Apr 11 2005

Lawrence Middle School
Lawrence, NY

MTA vs. Frisch
Metropolitan Yeshiva High School Varsity Hockey League Championship

hear the Lions ROAR!!!

Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day outside, GREAT day for some baseball, and I think I did REALLY well on my Jewish History test that was today. I woke up at 945, did the normal stuff, then went on the comp, did some fantasy baseball, then studied for the test. I did MUCH better than I thought I would do. I think I did 80's, maybe maybe maybe 90's. And I completed some trades on my fantasy baseball teams, which I'll tell y'all about later. JD Drew baby!! I'm sooo happy right now!!


This Date In History

2004: MTA completes there undefeated season and wins the Metropolitan Yeshiva High School Varsity Basketball League (MYHSBL) Championship, beating the Flatbush Falcons in the Championship game.

Refu'ah Shleima


Yitzchak ben Basya

The family would appreciate it immensely.

Todah Rabbah.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fantasy Updates..

Have I mentioned that I love fantasy baseball recently?

So I have done 2 trades so far. I have 2 of the best catchers ON ONE TEAM--my second one (Yahoo Public League 250147), so I realized I should sooo shop at least one of them. So I proposed a few trades, and one of them got accepted. I'm trading Vic Martinez and Matt Lawton for JD Drew (he needs a catcher quite badly). My other trade I offered I Rodriguez and Jack Wilson for Michael Young (again, he needs a catcher badly, and I loove Young, he's awesome). So I was thinking at first, if one of them gets accepted, I'll X the other one, but then I realized, I have 2 more catchers--albeit they're Piazza and Lo Duca, but still, solid; Piazza's still better than average--so I can trade both of them and bolster the offense, and add in some big bats that Marc said I needed. So we'll see what happens...

Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.


Schimmelism of the Week XII

Rabbi S: I don't like that fact, that I don't the fact, that you're doing something I dont like that fact about.

We're Going To The Ship, *WHAT?* We're Going To The Ship!!!





Varsity Hockey Semi-Finals

@ HAFTR, 8 pm


In The B'klyn

It was a lot of fun. Unlike a lot of people, I actually love my extended family. They're great. So we were at my father's 1st cousin's house, her name is Bella (Abba's father's sister's daughter's house). So her two daughters Esti and Shifri were there with their really really cute kids (and Esti's husband; Shifri's wasn't there), her son Zevi was there with his wife and son, AND two of my oldest first cousins from LA, Yehonatan and Eliyahu. They learn in Far Rockaway, and I know Yehonatan takes classes at Touro (he had to leave in the middle for one of them, but then came back), but I don't know if Eliyahu does. And of course Abba Peggy Reni and I were there. And I think that's it. It was fun, I haven't seen Yehonatan since I went to LA in 10th gr. I saw Eliyahu on my birthday at our 2nd-cousin's wedding, so that was cool. But I love Yehonatan, he's so funny, and has a great personality, and so open, and I love him, and it was great seeing him.
We ate, shmoozed, and then we watched old old recordings of these family things on Purim. We watched from '78, '79, and '87 (I was a month old, and I was in it!! I was soooo cute!!), '88 I think, '89 also. And also some random ones, like of them at the bungalo (sp?) colonies in the summer, etc. Lots of fun. And it was also the kind where there was no sound, so we were making comments etc., like they do on old shows on TV, so that was cool.
That's pretty much it, but it was fun. Tehilla, one of Esti's kid's (she's 8) was banging her hands on my shoe. As most of you know me, and what kind of shoes I wear, it didn't hurt at all. But I was like, Tehilla don't your hands hurt...? She's like no. And she gave me five also. SOOOOO cute.

Wow, I love mishpacha.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yeah Fantasy Baseball!!

Yeah baby!! The League finally drafted!! WOOO! Which league am I talking about? Well, I'm talking about Rabbi's League. This Rabbi is Rabbi Wolicki, one of the menahalim of Yesodei HaTorah, a new post-high school yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael--Dani B goes there. Anyway, we have had this fantasy league for like, 3 or 4 years. I think this is the 4th year. In the future, I will be refering to this league as "Rabbi's League," if the league name is not short enough. Right now the League is called "The League To Be Named Later." I asked when later was, but no one said anything. Maybe I'll ask again.
So anyway, we drafted last night. Very very very exciting. Just one question. Marc, do I have a slugger now???

The Jewish Mafia - Rabbi's League
C- Jason Varitek
1b - David Ortiz
2b - Jeff Kent
3b - Adrian Beltre
SS - Michael Young
OF - P Lo Duca, Brian Giles, Jason Bay
Util - Edgar Renteria
Bench - Lyle Overbay, Craig Wilson, Craig Biggio

SP - Jason Westbrook, Al Leiter, Doug Davis, Kevin Brown
RP - Trevor Hoffman, Troy Percival, Juan Rincon, Shingo Takatsu, Tim Worrell

So, for those of you who care, what do you think?


Purim & Shabbos

Purim was awesome. It really was. I leined for the old people (and for myself!), I learned Megillas Esther, so now I know it, I made $400, AND it was all l'sheim Shamayim (for the sake of Heaven)! Who said that just because I'm getting paid, it can't be l'sheim Shamayim? And Thurs night, I was able to go to the YU Chagigah for even a little bit, saw the chevra, rebbeim, other people, some dancing, it was great. Even though the rabbi wanted to leave at 1130, right before the shpiel, still, it was fun, and I got to see people. I like people.
So anyway, leining was lots of fun. First, the Megillah itself was beautiful. It was a haMelech Megillah (where the word "haMelech--the King," refering to God, starts mostly every column), and above every column, the sofeir (person who writes Torahs, Megillahs, etc.) drew a crown, it was sooo gorgeous. Ok, so the was actually quite good, if I do say so myself. The rabbi said I was exceptional, and excellent. I wouldn't go THAT far, but it was pretty good. I had like, 2 or 3 rough spots (where I forgot trop), and I made two mistakes on words. So you know how sometimes when you're reading, and you read a word wrong? So I did that twice. The first one, was in 1:6, it says, " gelilei KESSEF..." and I said "gelilei ZAHAV..." Oh well. And the second, two pesukkim later in 1:8, it really says, "...EIN oneis..." and I said, "K'ein oneis.." And not only that, I made that "k'ein" mistake in the morning too! It's because my father and I didn't have time to sit down so he can hear me and correct mistakes like that. Whatever, it got corrected, and now I know, so it's not such a big deal. So that was the night, and the morning, I davened, then went over the Megillah in the klaf (parchment) once, and the actual leining was MUCH better then Thurs night. I had like, 1 rough spot, made that "k'ein" mistake, maybe one other thing, a guy said I skipped a passuk (even though I'm pretty sure I didn't), so I went back, and some words I wasn't sure, but thats about it. I looked in the Megillah next to me to see what the trop is only once in the morning, and like, 3 or 4 times Thurs night. It was good, and again, a lot of fun.
It's funny actually, I called Abba on the way back from the YU Chagigah, and he said, "You know what? When I got up there to lein, right before I started, I said to myself, 'hey, I forgot to review it.'" And I'm like what?? You forgot to review it at all?? He's like yeah. I'm like thats retarded. And not only that, he made only 1 mistake!! WOAH!!! I WANNA DO THAT!! I want to be able to not review the Megillah, and be able to lein it like that. Holy cr*p. The mistake he made, was that in Perek 9, there'sa phrase that pops up a few times, and each time with a different trop--which is REALLY annoying--so he made did the same trop for a few of them. And I think that's it. I'm still like, wow. I mean, it's understandable, I mean, this Purim alone he leined 4 times, and other Purims, he's leined easily 5 or 6 times. Like crazy.
My goal, is to lein Megillah, at least once, in less than 20 minutes. I know it's not good and I shouldn't shoot for that, but like, you know, at least one time, I would like that. Thurs night it took me 45 minutes, and in the morning, it took me 35 minutes. It could have leined faster, so as to finish a little earlier, but whatever. It was fun.
Shabbos was aight. It was annoying, I woke up at arond 240 am, and didn't fall asleep til around 615? Something like that. Quite annoying, let me tell you. Like, I woke up, it was night, dark out like usual, and then around 515, I notice it's getting lighter outside, and the birds are chirping. I'm like, no, this is ridiculous. I was actually thinking of davening to myself then, and sleeping til everyone came home at around 1200. But I didn't. I should have, even though I DID get an aliyah in shul...The gabbai asked me to daven Shachris too. I'm like, no, sorry Doc (he's a dentist). He's like Why not? You sure? I'm like, yeah, I'm tired and cold. So he's like ok. Then Stu comes over to me later (he's a gabbai too, but not the Head Gabbai, like the Doc), and he's like Shachris? I'm like, no, but thanks anyway. I don't think he heard that thanks anyway. Whatever. At least I know people like to listen to me. That's always reassuring.
Aight, I'm going for now. I'm really hungry, so I might go to TIme Out and get some pizza. Yeah pizza!! Aight, laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all.


Friday, March 25, 2005

So Hot...

It's only around 8,000 degrees in this office...

(You thought I was talking about myself, didn't you...?)


Well, I'm done. It's 918 right now. We started at 715. I started at around 725, 730, and finished at around 815. They sang a few Purim songs first. And then, for some reason, the rabbi announced that I "was accepted into two of the most prestigious post high school yeshivos in Eretz Yisrael." He said that like, it' s an activity for them to sing Siman Tov U'Mazal Tov. Whatever, it was fun. And then I started. I really have no ide how to roll the Megillah like you're supposed to, like a letter. I have no idea, so the rabbi, and the owner of Megillah helped me. So it was quite fun. And it went by pretty fast. And my voice held out too, which I'm happy about, because I totally used it all up last night at the game. And when I finished, I was happy to find a text message from BethAnne, that was nice. Then we had Purim Qiddush (don't ask about the 'q'...), of course, hamentaschen which I don't like but ate anyway because I was hungry, and some juice stuff. Then the rabbi brought me down to the kitchen (YEAH KEYS!! AND RAIDING THE KITCHEN!!!), and showed me the freezer, and there were pizza bagels. YEAH PIZZA BAGELS!!! So I had those--good stuff. And now I'm here. Oh yeah, before I ate I davened too. So that's it, and in around 1/2 hour we're going to the YU Chagigah. WEEEE!!! Freilichen Purim y'all!!

Ohhhhhhh Yeah...

Well, I'm here, BHYY. I'm in Whippany NJ, at the Lestor Senior Housing Community. This is where I davened for Rosh HaShana - Yom Kippur. So I'm here, AND we have a Megillah, Todah La-El. Everything worked out ok in the end. Why oh why it had to go this way and get me angry? No idea, but now I don't care, because now I'm here, making $400, and going to the YU Chagigah for the first time ever. Oh, and of course.....we get to raid the kitchen, because the rabbi has the keys. YEAH KEYS!! AND RAIDING KITCHENS!! Tomorrow we're waking up around 830 to make Kri'as Shema on time, and Megillah at 1000, and then going home. What about Seudah, you ask? Well, as the rabbi said, we'll take whatever we want to eat, wash, say HaMotzi, and then get in the car and eat the whole way. I was like sweet. 2 years ago actually, when we (Abba Peggy Tali and I) got to Tante Niti's house in Boro Park, one of Abba's cousins walked in, and just took some bread without washing, so his mother, my Tante Niti asks him, "What about washing?" And he responds, "I washed this morning. I've been eating all day." At which point I was like OMG THAT'S SOOO AWESOME!!! I WANT TO DO THAT!!! So I tried last year, but Abba wouldn't let. So maybe within the next few years. And maybe next year, I'd have 2 Purim's, so I could do it 2 days in a row. SWEET!
So the rabbi said that I should eat before Megillah. Usually, we say that you should wait, but he saw that on Yom Kippur I almost didn't make it, so he said I should eat/drink at least something. To which I said, ok sounds good. It's good too because I only had 1/2 a shwarma last night for supper, at midnight (didn't have time before the game). So I was, and still am, quite quite hungry.
Wow. BH I'm here. I haven't been here in 6 (?) months. I kind of miss it actually. It's a REALLY REALLY nice place. GREAT food too. One of the cooks, Leo, is really nice, and when I was here for Rosh HaShana - Yom Kippur, just let me take whatever, gave me whatever I wanted, it was great. And I get to use the computer--which I'm using this very second. And for quite a few seconds before this, and for quite a few after this also.
I actually should go now, because I should go over prakim 8 & 9 before I start, and I'm on at 715 (as the rabbi said, not 716, and not 714...). So, have a freilichen Purim everybody, and come to YU tonight!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Baruch HaShem Yom Yom!!

He got a megillah! I'm going to lein! Weee!


Well the rabbi just called me back, saying that the dude he got instead of me didn't call him back, so he's more than a little worried, so he's going to try to locate a megillah and call me within the hour....


So apparently, the rabbi had to find another dude to lein tonight because I couldn't find a Megillah. He said that's what his message said 3 days ago. It wasn't that clear to me. So now I have to find my way home...

F&$% Ramaz

Yeah, we lost....

Come One, Come All!!

MTA VS. Ramaz

at JEC

Varsity Basketball Semi-Finals - 8 pm



You Know You Have Been At MTA Too Long When...

...while asking anyone if they have a spoon, you see a clean-looking one on the floor next to the garbage, and use it after just washing it off with water...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mi Shebeirach Avoseinu...Hu Yivareich Virapei Es HaCholim...

The mother, Phyllis Seidenfeld-- Aliza bas Yehudis

Her daughters:
Aviva Rivka

Baruch Dayan HaEmes

You may have heard about the fire. A lot of guys at school know the family.
Stuff like this just makes you wonder, you know? Like, is today my last day? My last night? My last moment? Pirkei Avos (I forgot where) says "Do teshuva (repentence) on the last day of your life." Mefarshim (commentators) go to town with this phrase. The question jumps out, "Ay, but you don't know when your last day will be?" So they asnwer, that you should act as if everyday is your last day.
How scary is that? Today can be my last day.
It scares me, that's for sure. There's so much I would like to do before I die. Like see the Mets and Jets win their respective championships. But seriously, I want to finish mishnayyos and Gemara. I want to get kabbalah for shechita. I want to get married and have kids. I want to become a chazzan. I want to save Jewish lives (method at this point undecided).
I have a chavrusa on sunday to finish Mishnayos Kesubos.
How many people know that you love them? How many people know that you care about them? How many people know you appreciate all they do for you? How many? I know I don't say it often enough.
I love you. I really do. And I care about you a ton. I would do pretty much anything for you.
I'm not just talking to one person, though you might think I am. I'm talking to you. Yes YOU! YOU reading my blog right now.
Thank you for all you have done for me. Family, friends. All of you.
Imagine if you knew today was your last day (ch"v), what would you do?
You might be thinking, I don't have to think of that question right now...I bet the kids would have liked to think of that question yesterday.
Please forgive me if there is anything I did to hurt you. I am trully sorry, and I hope and pray to never to do it again. Please forgive me.
And now to deal with how stuff like this happens. I have no idea. But with everything else, we have to have emunah and bitachon that HaShem did what he did because if not, the Master Plan would falll apart. Somehow this fits into what He wants. When Maschi'ach comes, we will realize why these precious, precious kids had to be taken by HaShem, and we will say, yeah, this had to be done.
Gam zu l'tovah--also this is for good.
It sucks, I know--but it's true. Somehow. Don't ask me how. I have no idea how 4 kids dying in a house fire is good. I don't. And usually I would never say anything like that, but HaShem tells us there's a good reason for everything. I trust HaShem, how about you?
Y'hi ratzon (may it be His will) that Maschi'ach come soon to bring us back to Eretz Yisrael, reunite all Jews, and tell us reasons for all these "bad things" that happen.
Once again, I love and care about you all a ton. Please forgive me for anything I have done, and thank you for everything.
Thank you HaShem for everything you have given me. For my family; my friends, who are seriously the most amazing, awesome, greatest people in the world; for my voice, which, apparently, people like a lot; for all my talents; for all my possessions; for everything else I haven't mentioned. Thank you Lord.
Thank you everybody.

3rd Team...

Aight, so my third team got drafted today:
C - Vic Martinez
1b - Mike Piazza
2b - Jeff Kent
3b - Adrian Beltre
SS - Jose Reyes (looking a little familiar?)
OF - Vernon Wells, Moises Alou, Steve Finley
Util - Jason Varitek
Bench - Raphael Palmeiro, Eric Byrnes, Ben Molina

SP - Curt Schilling, Odalis Perez, Brandon Webb, Al Leiter, Bronson Arroyo, John Thomson
RP - Troy Percival, Scott Linebrink, Juan Rincon

Aight, aight...ok shut up, I know it sucks. Well, the infield isn't so bad. I like the OF, but, of course, no slugger. Yeah Alou, but last season was definately not Alou-like, he has not done that in a long time (or ever? I'm not sure...). Varitek I like, but he's getting old. Palmeiro I'm getting annoyed because I keep getting him--I like him, but again, getting old and probably not going to have a Raphi-like season anymore. Byrnes...I liiike him. He's young, talented, good number last year, should have a good year. And Molina...he's known for his D.
The pitching could be worse. It's not that bad, but I need more closers.I love Schilling, of course. Perez is clutch. Arroyo is ok, Thomson and Webb are wildcard--could be good, could be bad.

Well, we'll see what happens...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Friends, Jews, Countrymen, Lend Me Your....Megillah???

If anyone has a Megillas Est[h]er I can borrow, that would be awesome!

And by Megillas Est[h]er, I mean a real one, mamash a klaf...

Est[h]er, [Fantasy] Baseball....

One more perek to go in Megillas Est[h]er!! Perek 9!! WEEEE!!!!!!! (I already did Perek 10, I mean, dude, it's only 3 pesukkim...)

There was something else I wanted to write, but I totally forgot what it was.

Ok nevermind, I got it. So today was a really nice day to play some catch, AGAIN. And I was the only one who has their baseball glove here, AGAIN! What the hell?! Lordy, please, don't do this to me. I NEED MY BASEBALL!!

Yishuv hada'as, of course...

(Those of you who aren't sports fans, can stop reading here.)
So yes, baseball is in the air. BHYY!! And you know what that means, right....? FANTASY BASEBALL!! WOOOOO! YEAH BABY! So last week, I decided to join 3 leagues besides Rabbi's league, to test out my draft rankings. I got 2 drafts done, one more to go. That is, on my FonZThEIV yahoo name, I still got FonzTheV to go...Aight so so far, my drafts have gone ok (btw, for those who want to know, I'm not going to spend too much time with these leagues, my main focus is Rabbi's league, the other ones are to make sure my draft will be as good as possible for Rabbi's league). I have Adrian Beltre, Jeff Kent, Paul Lo Duca and Raphael Palmeiro on both teams that the drafts took place in so far. Both of my teams have 4 catchers, and in the second draft, i got my 4 catchers in 5 rounds. One catcher, position player, then in the next 3 rounds, catchers. Whatever, it's ok, I have Victor Martinez, who is one of the best catchers right now. I also have Mike Piazza, who I think is going to turn it around this year, and still capable of 30, 100, .300. I have Carl Pavano, which is good. And Eric Gagne. I think he's ok, right (that was sarcastic)? On my first team, I have Mariano Rivera. He's the only good pitcher on that team. And I have 5 position players on my bench, including Luis Gonzalez, Craig Biggio. I have Jose Reyes though, which makes me happy, he'll be good. I also have Carlos Lee, who's awesome on my 2nd team. Ok, so here are my teams (my second team is being written down first, because the page is already open):

The Jewish Mafia - Yahoo Public League 250147
C - Victor Martinez
1b - Mike Piazza (C, 1b)
2b - Jeff Kent
3b - Adrian Beltre
SS - Julio Lugo (2b, SS)
OF - Paul Lo Duca (C, OF), Carlos Lee, Ken Griffey Jr.
Util - Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez (C)
Bench - Matt Lawton (OF), Raphael Palmeiro (1b), Erubiel Durazo (1b)

SP - Carl Pavano, Jeremy Bonderman, Livan Hernandez, Matt Morris, Doug Davis
RP - Eric Gagne, Guillermo Mota, Danny Graves, Tom "Flash" Gordon

The Jewish Mafia - Yahoo Public League 240019
C - Jason Varitek
1b - Shawn Green (1b, OF)
2b - Jeff Kent
3b - Adrian Beltre
SS - Jose Reyes
OF - Barry Bonds, P Lo Duca, Moises Alou
Util - Jason Kendall (C)
Bench - Luis Gonzalez, Ray Durham, Craig Biggio, Jason LaRue, Raphael Palmeiro

SP -Freddy Garcia, Brad Radke, Brandon Webb, Bronson Arroyo
RP - Scott LInebrink, Mariano Rivera, Juan Rincon

You might say, "wow, Barry Bonds...ooooh!" Well, yeah I would too, except for the fact that he just had yeah, I don't want him. Oy I never thought I would say that...

Aight, that's it for now...

Schimmelism of the Week XI

Rabbi S: There was a test done on baseball players, although I think paper would have been better.

Monday, March 21, 2005

My Left Shoulder

Yeah, it's been hurting a little bit today and yesterday. Which is a little eh, cuz I ran into that wall and hurt it in the summer...

1000 Hits!

Yeah y'all!!

F*** NC State!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Schimmelism of the Week X

Coby: Rabbi, is class over? My mom's calling. Look, it says mom *showing Rabbi the phone*.
Rabbi: He's calling his phone mom? I don't want to know what he calls his frying pan.

You HAVE TO Check This Out...

One of the funniest things ever...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hey Y'all

Well, I'm back. Sorry for the short hiatus, but I was in New Haven til Monday night/Tues morning, so I was just sooo tired to do anything. Y'all know why. It was intense and powerful, but, you know what? It was quite fun. There were a lot of private jokes, and references, etc. And if I didn't get anything out of it whatsoever, I at least made new friends, i met mamash GREAT people, saw old friends, and helped people, which is great. One of the people I met, Judith, really reminds me of Rivka (y'all know her, one of the cousins in St Louis; although, when I looked at Judith's pictures, I saw Lindsay Lohan...). She's really cool. And BethAnne, omg, wow, she changed soooo much, it was amazing. And Miriam, and Rena, and Daphna. Tyler and Josh and [Prince] Charles. All of them. It was amazing. And Devorah AC--she's the diva. I liked my turn, it was cool, I went to a batter's stance, and had to stay still, because I'm always moving around. Even funnnier (or ironic? I could never tell...), my goals, which were written by Elisheva and Eliana were to "step up to the plate etc." I thought that was cool. And I sang for everybody, as it was their request. Now that was fun. I sang B'ni from The Shapiro Brothers (I have mentioned them before in my blog). And everyone loved me, or so they said. And I believe them. It was a fun weekend, thank you everyone for being there for me.

So last night, it was MTA @ Magen David in Varsity Basketball, 2nd round in the playoffs. BH, we won, I think around 64-57, but I'm not certain. A dude on MD made SEVEN 3-pointers IN THE FIRST HALF! Like woah! But then we scored a lot and won. WOO! So next Wednesday, is MTA @ RAMAZ, which is taking place at JEC (neutral court). Mad crazy game!! "The Rematch."

And tonight, was MTA @ DRS (Boys HALB) in Varisty Hockey, 3rd round of the playoffs (we had a first round bye a believe...but if not, then 2nd round). We were behind 2-1 going into the third period, and as told by one of the stars of the team, 12th gr Zack Korik, "We were flying, we didn't lose one ball [in the corner]." We won 3-2!! WOOO!!!!!! IYH next game is sometime next week, probably at HAFTR, as they are mistama (presumably) going to beat HANC.

Wow, crazy stuff man. It's great.

M! T! A! M! T! A! M! T! A!
Here we go Lions here we go!! *Clap Clap* Here we go Lions here we go!! *Clap Clap*

Aight, laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rambam Vs MTA

Yeah, so apparently, this hockey game was here, not there. Whatever, BH we won, 5 -1. Or 6 -1. One or the other. Whatever, next, HALB...

Psych Bechina

Yeah, it was harsh. Not the easiest one, let me tell you. I mean, we even had to make up an answer for crying out loud. Whatever, I think I iyH did ok.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

No Class

No Jewish History today! Weeee!
Rabbi, dont worry, I still like your class.

Abbas, Mah Atah Oseh?

Abbas says he wants peace. Cease fire, we want peace. But then he's going to kill 15 Arabs for collaborating with Israel.

You do that dude...

Ramblings Before Bed

Aight, well, I was told 3 nights ago, around 2 and a 1/2 weeks beforep Purim, that I need to bring my own Megillah to Whippany--where I'm leining (the same place I davened Rosh HaShana - Yom Kippur). The Good Rabbi forgot to tell me that fact before, so now I gotta look for one, although, I might be able to borrow Zack's. Will keep you updated....

So on Sunday I met with R' Granofsky from Ohr Dovid. Divrei Moshe wanted me to at least meet with him, so I did. I mean, what could be bad, you know? So I met him at Grandma's, I got a snapple. He offered to buy me something, but I was fleishig (from one of the best shwarma's EVER!!) So when we finished, naturally, he asked if I had any questions. So I asked him who davens on Rosh HaShana - Yom Kippur. He told me, some rebbeim, whatever, don't remember their names. Then he asks me "Where were you for yontiff? Fairfield?" I think that if I said I was in FFLD, he would have said the same thing, but I said, no, I davened in Whippany NJ at an old age facility place thing. So then he said, trust me, the davening at the yeshiva was better than where you were. I was thinking about saying something, like, yeah, I'm not that good anyway, or, yeah, I can't expect to be better than rebbeim, right? I was thinking about it, but I decided against it. R' Granofsky's a nice man, and I didn't want him to feel bad. I mean, to tell you the truth, really, how CAN I really believe that my davening was better than a rebbe's, who is older, wiser than me, and had better kavanah? I'm serious though, there's no way I can actually say, and believe, that I was better than these two rebbeim. You could say that, oh there is no better, because either a) you cannot say one is better than someone else on Yamim Nora'im because come on, you just cannot judge it, or the loser-ish answer b) you're all winners. Whatever. But seriously, they probably were better anyway.
And if I said I was in FFLD, he might have said the samething, so I would have thought to say, yeah, 13th generation chazzan doesn't mean anything, right? Or something like, yeah, my father davened. Or just say, I don't know, my father's pretty darn good...But no I would NOT have said anything, because he is a really nice man, and it's not so good to do that. If it was someone I didn't like, so yeah I would've. BTW, abba's awesome. You should hear him...

Aight, Megillas Est[h]er update: I'm BH up to Perek (chapt) 7.

MTA JV Hockey: Yeah, they lost @ HAFTR last night...even though they were 7-3 during the season. Like I said to Lightstone yesterday, don't you guys stink?

I want my own black hat.

Soccer tryouts on Sunday...:-(

I know there's more I wanted to say...

Oh yeah, I have to lein revi'i on Shabbos. BH it's short.
I'm also leining shevi'i and maftir, but I know those already.

Ok, I'm done (although I know there was something else...). Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Schimmelisms of the Week IX

Leibo: Is it bad if your favorite weather is rain?
Rabbi: No, especially if you're a leafy green plant.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Oh Boy...

Well, it's official--Tali Schwarzmer, President of Fairfield JR NCSY...AND she wants to be Regional VPE eventually...God please let that day come, and she will have expirience, and knowledge to do it. I love you Tali!!

Fairfield NCSY Is Back--Well, Jrs...

Tali might be President of Fairfield JR NCSY??

Friday, March 04, 2005

MTA Varsity Hockey

Yeah so I totally forgot about the hockey team. They were 8-3 going into last night's last regular season game @ TABC. We have a good team. We started 5-0, and since then, have gone 3-3, which shows we definately have the potential to win The Ship. I mean, did, we beat Frisch 7-2 in the beginning of the season (they're only loss this season). So I don't know details of the game, but we won 7-1, breaking the tie in the standings between MTA and TABC, ending the season with an impressive 9-3 record. I don't know when the playoffs start, but we have a chance.

M! T! A! M! T! A! M! T! A!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

MTA Varsity Basketball

So last night we at the PMOSE (aka MTA) played our first playoff game of the year against Northshore. They're quite bad, but still somehow made the playoffs. So let me tell you this, in the 3rd quarter alone, Northshore doubled their first half points. And then in the 4th quarter, almost doubled that total score. So now, how many points do you think NSHA had? A lot? A little? They had..........22. They scored 2 in the first 2 minutes of the game by foul shots, and then went scoreless til the last 2 minutes of the first half. So at halftime, the score is 27 - 4, MTA. Then we put the scrubs in, and after the 3rd quarter they have 12. Then they scored 10 more (almost double), and final score, 52-22.

M! T! A! M! T! A! M! T! A!

Bring on Magen David!!

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emes--Blessed is The True Judge

No, this is real this time, chaval. Recently, two people who I am connected to were niftar. I don't know them, I'm just connected---I know people who know/are related to them. One of them was niftar yesterday afternoon. She had a kind of cancer, and was in her late 30's - early 40's I'm told.
The second one, actually happened President's Weekend. A freshman at MTA, was home on Friday, and his father hadn't come home yet. So he went to shul, whatever, thinking he'd be home soon. He came home, and his father wasn't there yet. His mother asked where he was, and he said he didn't know, so they went looking for him. The kid went down to the garage (I think they live in an apt building, though I'm not sure), and his father's car was there, so he went closer. He looked in, and saw his father sitting there, engine off. They called Hatzalah, but he had already left us.
When you hear stuff like this (well, me at least), I'm just like, Dude, Lord, why? I mean, definately I have bitachon and emunah that it was best, and I know I don't understand it, but in the first reaction, it's just like, Dude, Lord, what are You doing? That's not supposed to happen, they're supposed to live til 120, happy families, everyone's happy, and that's it.
But if it were like that, then what's the point of being here in the world? We were all put here for a reason--to grow as people, and ovdei HaShem (servants of God), and the only way to do it is through these tests--nisyonos. We grow through them. That's the only reason why we get them. And not only that, we only get ones HaShem knows we can pass. Imagine if we passed all of them, where we would be by can do it. I know you can.

Laila tov vachalamot metukim.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Paper Cuts....

....are so flippin' annoying!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Schimmelism of The Week VIII

Being depressed or happy for a reason is not bipolar. Your turtle falling into your soup and eating it on Shabbos isn't bipolar.

Yeah Pappis!!

WOO!! Asright! Can any one say "GO PAPPIS!" We beat Morg Mart tonight in the 2004 - 2005 MTA Dorm Basketball season, by around 9 or 10, bringing our record up to 4-4, after starting the season 0-3. We got it to 2-3, then we foreited one game for lack of players (2-4), and then won the last 2 games, so really, we're on a 4 game winning streak. There was some excitement though, during the game, when when some YU hockey intramural punks came and decided to try and kick us off. They're like, we get the court at 1030, and you're going over your time. We're like, dude, we've been plaing Monday nights here for at least the past 5 or 6 years. BH Joe, the head RA was there reffing, or else we would have had a problem. He said he spoke to Halpert, I think his name is, and said that he by mistake double-booked the gym for tonight. The hockey dudes said that they also spoke to the guy, and that he didn't double-book it and we only have it til 1030, which is retarded, because as I said before, we play every Mon night, for the past lie, 5 or 6 years, and most probably further back. Whatever, we'll get it settled, and we'll get the court iyH beH ba"h.
But the important thing is we won! WOOOOOOOO!!!!


Laila tov vachalamot metukim y'all!


Fantasy Baseball.... so freakin awesome!!